Wishing You a Bright and Blessed Winter Solstice!

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Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year; and it’s stuck smack dab in the middle of weeks of other really long, cold nights. Humans, as well as the rest of Mother Earth, are solar powered. Without the Sun, our planet would be a frozen ball of rock hurtling through dark, empty space. And so Winter Solstice is essentially all about light—especially for those of us who live above the 40th parallel.
We invoke it constantly and fervently.
Drive down almost any neighborhood street in the northern US after 5 o’clock.
See what I mean?

But at this time of year you can never get enough, and so I have posted two amazing displays for your light-starved eyes.

This is a most spectacular offering. Click on the pic and scroll down the blog for an “amazing” video :


And this is Carson Williams’ display–the one that probably started it all in 2005–and my personal favorite. Just click on the pic and scroll down to the video.


So fill your home with light and warmth and love, take your vitamin D, and have a marvelous holiday season!


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  1. And a most blessed holiday to you and yours.Thanks for reminding everybody about the Vitamin D. That’s really important

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