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Book Two of the Mage Web Series

Murder and Magic Make Devastating Partners

Molly Adair is a warrior mage. Her parents are dead and she's just moved to Portland, Oregon to live with her grandmother. She is so totally not looking forward to starting her junior year at Grant High School. She doesn't know anyone and even if she did, she would have nothing in common with them. Things improve immensely when she discovers that Grant is the Mage Web's magnet school for the United States' West Coast. She begins making new friends, both mage and normal, and attending Tesseract Academy, the Mage Web's school at the center of the circle of time.

But then, someone steals Flick, her sentient sword, from its pocket between the worlds and stabs her best friend through the heart.

And Molly is everyone's prime suspect.

Only a powerful magic user could have stolen Flick. And because adept mages can jump through both time and space, alibis mean nothing.

Molly's search for her friend's killer reveals a dark and dangerous secret, forcing her to either find the murderer or become his next victim.

Forging the Blade

Book One of the Mage Web Series

An Adventure Through the Tarot Major Arcana

Sixteen-year-old Molly Adair would love to spend all her time in WarCraft Universe. On-line she is Darkfire, a sexy wizard who fights dragons and saves kingdoms. In real life she’s a tubby nerd with cut scars tracking up her arm, a knot in her stomach that won’t go away, and a nightmare of plunging through screaming blackness that slams her awake every night. Her life totally sucks and Molly’s sure it can’t get any worse…

Until her parents die in a plane crash and a dark, terrifying shadow begins to haunt her. A mysterious grandmother appears, sells her parents’ house, and whisks her away to Portland, Oregon where a strange young man materializes in her bedroom and pushes her down into screaming blackness and into the land of Damia.
The kingdom is at war, a rogue dragon is terrorizing the countryside, and the fearsome shadow continues to stalk close at her heels. A magical black cat and a gypsy’s promise are Molly’s only guides back to her grandmother’s house. But as Molly flees through the troubled countryside, one step ahead of death, the dragon, and the king’s soldiers, she comes to understand that her true challenge has nothing to do with returning to her grandmother’s house; it’s about letting go of who she was and becoming who she is.

Although the tarot is never mentioned, the plot of FORGING THE BLADE follows the story arc of the tarot major arcana cards beginning with The Fool, Chapter 0 and ending with The World, Chapter 21.

Forging the Blade

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